Friday, April 15, 2016

Eight Months!

The months are just going faster and faster. Despite best intentions to post this in a more timely manner, I'm once again basically a month late. Britta turned 8 months on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day!). She's doing great, and continues to be such a joy to watch learn and grow.

Boo Boo,
You are 8 months old! I can't believe it. Despite my desires for time to slooooooow down, it's just going faster and faster. You are growing up so fast, and changing so much. We love every minute with you, sweet girl! Overall, it's been a fun month.

You finally started liking solid food!
As I said last month, it's been been a bit of a battle getting you to get going on solid foods. Although we were certain you would love adding food to the repertoire, it did not go as planned. You just weren't into it! We tried several different foods (peas, green beans, pears, bananas...), and the result was the same - you'd just close your mouth, and turn your head. The running joke in our house has been "Britta puts everything in her mouth - except food."

So we tried, and we tried, and we tried. Nothing worked. But then, just as you turned 8 months, things changed! At 8 months, Magna is required to at least offer you solid food - it's part of her nutrition/food program with the daycare. We warned her that it hadn't been going great, and gave her a list of what we tried.

And of ate for Magna! Seriously, that Magna. She is a miracle worker. Once again, she saves the day with something that had been so frustrating for us. Now she did say it was a bit of a struggle at first. But with a little patience, you started eating! Magna said that first day that by lunchtime you were opening your mouth like a little bird.
You stinker! Ha ha ha! Oh well, I'm just glad SOMEONE got you to eat. Here's hoping it continues to go well...

You caught a really nasty cold...
Tis the season, huh? Although you've had a few little colds here and there over the winter, this one was a big one.

It started mid-February, shortly after Linnea had a bad cold (the joys of germ sharing). Though you never ran a fever like your sister did, you got a horrible, horrible cough. Poor girl. When we went on church retreat near the end of February you struggled a lot, particularly at night. You'd cough and cough overnight and then cry (presumably because it hurt). You were so congested that you'd gag and cough up mucus.

We felt so bad for you - and there was nothing much that we could do for you. When we returned from the retreat I took you in to urgent care to see what was going on. No ear infection. Lungs were clear. The doctor said it was just a really bad upper respiratory infection.

We ran the humidifier overnight for a week or so. I spent a few nights getting up with you so you could cough junk up. We also would do some steams in the bathroom. That seemed to help a little.
Slowly but surely you got better, but man did it take a while - with lots of less than stellar nights of sleep.

I gotta say though, sweet girl, you were such a trooper. Even when you were super sick you were still our happy little girl. Magna mentioned several times that you were in such good spirits for the cough that you had. Such a strong girl. Proud mama.

You got your second tooth...
I mentioned last month that I thought a second tooth was coming in. Sure enough, at the very end of February, your other bottom tooth made it's appearance!

It came right in the middle of your cold (mentioned above), so it's hard to tell what symptoms were your cold, and what were from teething.

We've been on the lookout for more teeth, and though we've thought the top ones have been coming, nothing yet.

You learned "So Big"...
Early in March you quite quickly picked up a new "trick" - "So Big!" It's interesting, because you were almost exactly the same age as Linnea was when she learned it.

You have been so enthusiastic about it - you get the BIGGEST smile, and through your arms up over your head. We laugh because sometimes you are less into it, and will only put up one arm. It's like you're saying, "Alright, mama and daddy, I'll do it..."

This is a fun age for this type of stuff. Next up...patty cake?

You've grown and changed a lot too...
Once again, we're between well-baby visits, so I'm not exactly sure how much you weigh. When I took you into the clinic for your cold bug, they did weigh you, though I can't remember exactly what you weighed - somewhere around 22 pounds? It seems like your growth is leveling off a bit. You are still big, no doubt about it, but it doesn't seem like you're growing in leaps and bounds quite like you have been. I'll be interested in how much you weigh when we take you in for your 9 month check in April.

You are almost exclusively in 9 and 12 month clothes. There are just a few 6 month stragglers, but more often than not when I pull those out, I realize they are too snug and they end up in the pile of stuff to pack away. The 12 month long sleeve onesies we bought have served us very well. Since a lot of the other 9 and 12 month stuff we have is short sleeve, we've been doing a lot of short sleeve shirts over white long sleeve onesies. I'm super bummed  knowing for sure that the 12 month summer clothes we had from Linnea are not going to fit during the right season. I'm certain by the time summer weather comes around, you'll be wearing 18 month stuff (crazy!!).

So much for size 3 diapers fitting for a while! They still fit okay, but we won't buy them anymore. The next diapers we buy will be size 4. We have some size 4s from when Linnea was little (that was the last size she ever wore!). We've been putting those on you at night to help so you don't soak through. We're trying to use the 3s up, but like I said will be buying 4s from here on out.

You are continuing the trend of being a happy little girl. We often use the word "jolly" for you. Even when you are sick or tired you don't get horribly fussy. You let us know when something is wrong, but for the most part you are just happy and content. Everyone who spends time with you is surprised with how content you are and how intent you are on the world around you. It's so interesting to see your personality come through. And actually, you've been this way since birth - content and intently taking in the world around you.

You love sitting up, grabbing anything remotely in your reach, playing with your piano, rolling around and reaching every which way, jumping in your Johnny Jump Up, Linnea, and being outside. Your major dislikes? getting your face/nose wiped (this did not go well for you when you were sick), being overly tired or hungry. That's about it.

Your eating remains super consistent. Your cold and teething affected things for a bit there, but generally speaking you take 3 bottles during the day (5 oz. each bottle) - breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack after nap. When you're home for the night you nurse once (sometimes twice) before bed. Depending on when you are up in the night you nurse a bit in the morning before Magna's

You're usually ready for bed by 6:45, and down for the night between 7:00 and 7:30 (sometimes later if we are out doing something). Yay for you being so flexible.You're consistently up once - sometimes twice a night. Rarely more than that - just when you're sick or something else abnormal is going on. I tried to just enjoy my quiet nights with you. I'll admit it is nice to have a little one on one snuggle time!

You continue to do great with your naps at Magna's, and pretty good at home too. I'm sort of hoping we'll start to be able to wean you off your morning nap sometime soon so we don't have to worry about it.

Oh Britta Girl, how are you 8 months old already? You are such a joy to have in our family. It's cliche, but it's hard to remember what life was like before you were born. We love watching you grow and learn. We are delighted by the happy, spunky, jolly, curious, sweet girl you are becoming.

We love you so much Britta!
Mama (and Daddy & Linnea too)