Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Half Baked" - a 20(+) week update

Hello, blogging world.

Man, I have been just horrible with posting on here. I'm not sure quite what it's been... a lot going on, I guess...still a lot of emotions...still having some "under the weather days."

Never the less, I wanted to try to keep up with updates...mostly for myself, to be able to look back on, but also just for the sake of blogging (I'm still really trying to be a "real" blogger).

It's a little crazy, but I'm already more than halfway through this pregnancy! In some ways the time has gone by SO. SLOWLY, but on the other hand, I can't believe that I'm over the halfway mark. July will be here before I know it! This very well could be my last pregnancy, which makes me sad... I'm trying not to "wish away the days," and savor every bit of this experience.

A lot of people have been asking how I've been feeling. Thankfully, I am feeling MUCH better overall. For the last 3-4 weeks or so I've seen an increase in energy, decrease in overall nausea, and a bit of an increased appetite. I've been reminded how gradual this is (at least for me). I don't notice the change right away., But then I have a string of days that I don't need a nap at work (seriously, at it's worst I was depended on a work nap every. single. day), don't crash on the couch after work, and/or can actually eat somewhat normally, and I's better!!

Now, at 23 weeks, good days are (thankfully) the norm! Waves of nausea still creep up on me, and I still sometimes need to crash on the couch after work, but it's maybe 1-2 times a week instead of 6 or 7 times a week. Whew!

It's good timing too, as Winter in Minnesota seems to be (knock on wood) coming to an end. I know, I know...we could still get another storm or cold snap or two, but now that we've seen weather in the 60s, I gotta believe we're in the home stretch. This is one thing I've really enjoyed about being pregnant on this timeline. I feel crummy for a good stretch, but it's when the weather is crummy, and I don't really want to be doing anything anyways. Win!

I don't think I've EVER done one of the "standard" pregnancy updates, but since I've sort of slacked with blogging - in general and with this pregnancy - I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Here we go...

Maternity Clothes: I, like most 2nd time mamas I've talked with, found myself in maternity clothes a lot earlier this time around. Partly because I've gotten bigger faster, but particularly because I remember how darn comfy they are!

I remember "fighting" maternity clothes for a while with Linnea, in denial I suppose that I was ready for them. This time shame. I'm exclusively in maternity pants (and have been since about week 18 I think). I have some maternity shirts, but mostly I'm wearing my normal tops.

I am discovering that I'm in need of some more basic pieces...that's on my to-do list. Any good places I should check out?

Sleep: Sleep is still good. If anything wakes me up at night, it's usually Linnea (thankfully, nothing extended...usually just a bad dream or needs covers or lost a stuffed animal or something). When she wakes me up, I have to go to the bathroom, but I don't wake up for that exclusively.

I'm getting a lot more uncomfortable sooner...I'm a stomach sleeper usually, which obviously doesn't really work. I always (pregnant or not) sleep with a body pillow, which helps a lot.

Best Moment of the Week: Well, since I haven't posted any sort of update in a while, I've got several weeks to cover.

Best moments lately:
  • Feeling better overall
  • Feeling baby move (definitively around 17 week)
  • Having Jeromy, Linnea, and my mother-in-law feel baby move shortly after
  • Finding out baby's gender (more on that in a bit)
  • Ultrasounds - the big one during week this week as follow-up because they couldn't get all the measurements they needed (my mom got to come to that one)
Movement: As mentioned above - yes! And a lot earlier and stronger than I felt with Linnea. If I recall correctly, it wasn't until around week 20 or so with Linnea that I for sure felt movement. And probably another 4-5 weeks after that before Jeromy felt her.

This time around, I was pretty sure I was feeling the baby around week 16 or 17...and definitively around the 17 or 18 week mark. This baby is SUPER SUPER active.

During our routine heartbeat checks, the doppler picks up LOTS of movement. Both my doctor and nurse practitioner- as well as the ultrasound techs have mentioned how active the baby is.

I was SHOCKED to find out that the placenta is anterior (in front), which usually means movements can be dampened a bit. I seriously can't IMAGINE how crazy the movement would be otherwise. It'll be interesting as the baby gets's going to be crazy.

Food Craving: It's been more aversions for most of the pregnancy, although some cravings have snuck in. Earlier on, cravings were all things sweet and fruity...gummy candies, Skittles, Froot Loops. Crazy sugar overload!

Lately, the cravings have been a bit more random...but still generally in the "sweet" category. Rice Krispie bars, ice cream, milkshakes.

Bagels are also something I've been eating a lot - not necessarily craving, but really enjoying. Jeromy was joking with me yesterday that the baby is going to come out circular, with a little hole in the middle. Hopefully that's not the case! But man, this baby does like bagels! (There are worse things, right?)

Food Aversions: Oh man, yes. It's gotten a lot better, but this was the reality for the first 20 weeks for sure! Like my pregnancy with Linnea, the biggest aversion is meat. I basically become a vegetarian for the first half of my pregnancy. Chicken is usually the first meat that I can eat again. Beef is the last. I'm happy to say that I'm back to eating beef!

Smells are also bad. At the worst, I would have to hide upstairs after work while Jeromy cooked dinner or him and Linnea, with my nose covered by my blanket or shirt.

Let's be honest, I was so sick for the first bit of this pregnancy, that I had aversions to everything but bagels, cereal, saltines, and...that's about it. I'm so glad to be eating regularly now!

Morning Sickness: I joke that whoever made up the name "morning sickness" was likely someone who has never been pregnant. I get "all day sickness." It was all day, every day. Worse in the morning, and at night...but also bad if I got too hungry, or got a whiff of a strong smell. We had a couple really rough months. I'm so thankful to have it behind me!

Gender: We had our big ultrasound at the end of February, which confirmed that we are having another baby girl! I'm excited that Linnea gets a little sister.

Symptoms: In addition to the nausea, I've been very very tired. It's getting better, as with the nausea, but I need to be a little careful to not overdo it. I've had some ligament pain and back aches, which seems really early, but I've heard that's normal when it's not your first pregnancy.

What I miss: Lately, I've really been missing running. I know a lot of women run through their pregnancy, but I just am not comfortable doesn't feel good, and just becomes frustrating. That mostly it. I guess I miss feeling 100%. I'm feeling so much better overall, but just not quite myself. I tire easier, and physically am not quite where I usually am. But other than that, I'm just thankful to be feeling well overall!

What I'm looking forward to: Continued nice weather so I can be active again! Continuing to feel better and more like myself.

I leave you with some bump shots...

About 18 weeks.

20 weeks... (half baked)