Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Four Months!

As of November 17th, Britta was 4 months. I've had this post in the works for a while. Time to post (before she turns 5 months!)!

Britta Alice,
Each month goes faster than the last. I find myself so torn in my emotions...on the one hand, it's so fun to watch you grow and become your own little person. You change and develop every day. It's such a joy. But on the other hand, it's going so fast. You very well could be our last baby...I'm in disbelief that each of these exciting firsts could be the last time I experience them first hand. Moral of the story...one day at a time - both surviving and savoring, I suppose!

It's been another big month...

You were baptized!
What a special celebration! Like your big sister, you had the privilege of being baptized by Grandma. Words can't describe what an incredible gift it is to watch her baptize you girls. It's very emotional for all of us.

While we had a nice celebration, the service didn't quite go off without a hitch. In the days and weeks leading up to your baptism (October 25th), our baptismal font at church was having issues. I LOVE our font. It's HUGE, and always full...with a little waterfall feature. It's really beautiful. Anyways, it was having some issues as we approached your baptism. Grandma kept reassuring us that they were fixing it. However, when we got to church before the service, she came up to us to let us know it had sprung a major leak, and we'd need to go to plan B.

Plan B was a little stand set-up in the front with a simple glass bowl filled with water. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed, but I tried to focus on the most important thing - the baptism itself.

We made it in the sanctuary just in time for the ceremony after getting you fed, changed, and dressed.You did great during the baptism...some tears were shed during the ceremony - but not yours! You were content the whole time.

We had a nice little reception at church after the service - just a little gathering of friends and family for cake and coffee. It was such a joy to look around the room and see the loved ones who support you and our family. You are so loved!

You celebrated your first major holiday...Halloween!
This month brought your first holiday - Halloween. We had a wonderful time celebrating. Before you were born, Grammy found a cute bumblebee costume for you. Leading up to the day I was nervous it wouldn't fit, but because you have been growing like crazy, it was just right by Halloween.

You were so cute in your costume. We called you "BumbleBritta." You got to partake in a few celebrations.
First, you came along on our annual trip to the Crosstown Covenant Church party. The church is just a few blocks from our house, and we've gone the last few years with our friends the Winters and the Olsons. It's awesome - just a couple years ago it was just three kiddos, now between the 3 families we have 7 kiddos! So it's a little crazy, but a lot of fun.

You actually slept through most of the party (in the carrier), which is impressive because it was pretty loud. It will be so fun to bring you next year - I imagine you'll be running around by then!

You also celebrated Halloween at Magna's. She reported that you loved watching the other kids dance around, and were completely baffled by her Minnie Mouse ears. Hee hee.

Finally, we had a great day on Halloween itself. First, we went to a Trunk or Treat event at church - people decorated their cars and did trick or treating in the parking lot. You got lots of oohs and ahhs at how cute and cozy you looked. After the event at church, we headed over to the Getchius' house for pizza and trick or treating in their neighborhood. You slept through most of trick or treating - I liked having you as a little snuggle buddy as we went house to house. Once again, it will be fun to the contrast next year - I'm sure you'll be running around trying to keep up with the big kids by then!

You scared us with a fall...
Oh Britta Girl, you gave us a scare. On a normal night early in November I was getting you ready for bed. Linnea and I were in your room...I was at the changing table getting your pajamas on and Linnea was just behind me on the chair in your room. She needed help to put the foot rest up.

I turned for just a second to help her and turned back just in time to watch you go head first off the changing table. My eyes well up with tears and my stomach ties in knots just to type it now. I hadn't realized how strong you had gotten - you didn't roll...your kick was powerful enough to propel you right off the end of the table.

You fell right on your head on the wood floors below. I have never heard you cry so hard. I picked you up right away and managed to get you calmed down after a minute or so. Once you were calm you just sort of whimpered. I could tell it really hurt you - and probably scared you too. To say I felt horrible is quite an understatement.

We needed to get you checked out to be sure you were okay - so we all went to the ER (I was too shook up to take you myself). It scared me because you were falling asleep, and I didn't know if you had a concussion or something.

Thankfully, you were 100% fine. You absolutely charmed the nurses and the doctors at the hospital. They talked about how sweet and alert you were. They were so confident that you weren't seriously hurt that we didn't need to do any scans or other tests. Thank God!! I don't know what I would have done if you would have gotten hurt. I'm so beyond thankful that you are okay.

You started rolling (with consistency)...
I have to laugh a bit. I took you in to the doctor's office after your fall (they wanted to do a follow-up appointment just to be sure you were okay). The nurse who saw you said to me, "Watch out for this one." She explained that she could tell you are very strong, and very much want to be on the move. She said it likely wouldn't be the last time that you surprised us with your strength and independence.

We are definitely seeing that. You love to kick and move your legs. At a very early age you could get yourself over to your side. This month you started rolling! So far you're just rolling from your tummy to your back, but I'm sure back to tummy is just around the corner. And then, just like the nurse said, we better watch out! There will be no stopping you!!

You've grown and changed a lot too...
We had your 4 month well baby appointment on November 18th. You continue to rock the 95th+ percentile in all of your measurements. Your measurements were: Weight: 17 lbs, 8 oz. (95th percentile), Height/Length: 26 1/4" (98th percentile), 17.2" (99th percentile - big head for big brains I say!).

Dr. Khan said you were doing great! You are growing just as you should be. She told me, "People will tell you she's big, and should can say 'Yup, she's big...but she's just what she should be!" That made me feel good...I'm so glad you are healthy and thriving. People can be a little insensitive, and make comments that can make me feel a little insecure. But what's most important is that you are healthy!

You are mostly in 6 month clothes. 3 months pants are definitely too short. There are a few shirts in the mix that are 3 months or 3-6 months that still fit...but 6 month is better. The 6 month sleepers are already getting really short, so I think I'll big digging out the 9 month clothes soon. I can't believe that you are already wearing that size! Growing girl!

You are in size 2 diapers. They're fitting okay, but starting to get a little tight. Diapers are problematic at night - you leak a lot, so we might need to go up a size so you don't soak through.

You are as observant as ever. It's so awesome to see. When you are awake, you are focused, curious, and observant. I can't wait to watch you learn and grow. Your mind is so active already, little one. It will be amazing to see what you are capable of.

You are smiling a lot more readily now. Grandma and Grandpa were in Israel for 10 days at the beginning of the month. When they came back, Grandma made a comment that your smiles were the biggest difference she saw since they were gone - that they were more regular, bigger, etc. I just love your smiles. They are huge, and come so easily - sometimes just when I look at you or say your name. Daddy and I often comment that you are such a jolly baby.

You are discovering your hands and learning to grab things, and it's. blowing. your. mind. Utter bafflement and wonderment are regular emotions to come across your face. It's so funny to watch - you look shocked (and slightly concerned) by your hands. You're still learning to control them - sometimes you'll accidently smack yourself in the face, or your hands will work against each other - one hand will be trying to get to your mouth, and the other will be pushing your first hand away from your mouth. You'll get there in no time!

Your eating is about same - although now consistently 5 oz. each bottle. Like last month, depending on when you last ate in the night, you sometimes nurse in the morning. You have 3 bottles at Magna's/Grandma and Grandpa's - around 9:00, noon, and 4:00. Then you nurse usually just once before bed.

You're usually ready to get ready for bed by around 7:00. Usually down by 7:30. Bedtime sleep continues to not be great...although I keep trying to remind myself that you are more typical than your sister was. You are always up once - usually twice. Times vary. Since last month it shifted a bit - to earlier...like 10:30 or 11, and then again around 2 or 3. There's not a whole lot of regularity or consistency with it, which is hard for your Type A mama, but I'm managing.

Naps go great at Magna's. You take a nap sometime mid-morning (around 9:30-10:30) for about an hour, and then take a solid nap in the afternoon (usually around 2 1/2 to 3 hours). You also tend to have "car naps" on the way too and from daycare, which I think is part of the reason you don't go to bed super earlier (which I like because I get more time with you!). Naps on the weekend are harder because your schedule varies more. Often you sleep as late as 8:00, so your morning nap is shorter, and usually in the midst of stuff we're doing as a family. The last couple weeks we seem to have missed your nap window in the afternoon so we have to be flexible (which is, again, hard for your Type A mama. I'm a work in progress, and so are you I suppose).

I say it every month, and I mean it more every month. You are a joy. You bring us all such happiness with your smiles and sweetness. I can't believe how fast these last 4 months have going, and how big and strong you are already. I look forward to seeing what our next month brings.

I love being your mama, sweet Britta Boo.

We love you,
Mama (and Daddy & Linnea too)